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Why is it vital to get your air conditioner serviced?

  • Saving Money: Regular air conditioner maintenance does come at a cost, but it is well worth it. If you do not provide adequate service, failure will cost you more than the cost of AC service.
  • It Saves Energy: When the air conditioner isn’t operating properly, it uses extra power. If you’ve observed a sudden increase in your power bill, it’s time to call a specialist.
  • The Air Conditioner’s Life is Extended: The lifespan of air conditioners is reduced if proper maintenance is not performed on time. Any appliance that is used frequently loses its efficiency. Air conditioners, too, are subjected to wear and tear. AC service in Hialeah, FL extends the life of their components.

What does an AC service provide?

• Regular AC Inspection
An AC service specialist will examine the entire air conditioning machine after the primary issues have been resolved. He will inspect the thermostat, evaporator unit, fan motor, compressors, and condenser. These periodic checks guarantee that your ac system is in good working order. This will save both significant time and money in the long run.
• Cleaning of the Condenser Fan and the AC Evaporator
Cleaning dust, mold, and other material from your air conditioner’s condenser fan and AC evaporator are typical operations performed by an air conditioner service. The condenser fan is situated differently based on the kind and brand of your ac system. The condenser fan, for example, is found in the split systems outside unit.
• Clean Condensation Tubes, Drain Pans, and Air Filters
When a drainage pan or pipe becomes clogged, liquid fills the pan and spills onto the floor. If the homeowner leaves the AC on for a few days or longer, it can result in a tiny puddle accumulating on the floor near the unit or can turn into a flood.
In the latter case, something as simple as failing to clean the air filter on the AC might result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage.
• Inspect the Coolant Level in the Unit
The amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner determines how effectively and efficiently it operates. A low refrigerant level leads the AC unit’s cooling coil temperature to drop significantly below typical levels, resulting in ice buildup and clogging. When less cold air flows out of the vents than usual, it’s time to contact an AC service specialist.

A new cooling experience with All-Air Services

The optimal time to service your air conditioner is in the spring or just before summer. The importance of AC replacement in Hollywood FL once a year cannot be overstated. All-Air is the company for you if you’re seeking the best air conditioning service.

We know how challenging it is to be without air conditioning. As a result, our skilled repair specialists will have your home feeling comfortable again in no time with our AC service.

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